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City of Bellevue Blazes Trail to Mitigating Biking & Traffic Deaths via Machine Learning

The Seattle Times recently reported a big step toward achieving the Washington State “Vision Zero” pledge to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2030. The cities of Bellevue and Seattle have also pledged to eliminate injuries sustained in motor vehicle crashes, bicycle versus car accidents, and pedestrian versus vehicle collisions.

This big step is courtesy of a partnership between T-Mobile and the National Transportation Safety Board creating technology where cars and bicycles can “see” each other to avoid collisions. By using machine learning, cars would detect people walking and bicycling, as well as converging vehicles. This in coordination with smart cameras placed above downtown intersections in Bellevue is expected to decrease the number of crashes significantly.

GLP Attorneys Senior Trial Counsel and Shareholder Jim Gooding is an avid bicycle commuter who shared the following thoughts: “The amount of risk a bike commuter takes these days is extremely high. I am always on high alert when biking on multilane roads, especially in fall and winter weather. My role at GLP Attorneys brings me in direct contact with those who have suffered terrible injuries because of unsafe conditions brought about by excessive speeding, erratic driving, drug and alcohol impairment, and distractions such as cell phones. Not only are these injuries devastating, but they are also 100% preventable.”

Because the law regarding bicycle injuries can be complex, it is important that injured persons understand the variety of different liability and insurance coverage issues that may apply to their cases. If you think that someone was at fault in causing a collision that you, a family member or friend were involved in, you should have the facts of your claim reviewed by an attorney as soon as possible. If you have been involved in a bicycle accident, please call 800.273.5005 or email

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