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Deadly Crashes Are At An All-Time High In Washington (But Not In Bellingham)

In Washington, more people are dying in traffic accidents than they have in the past thirty years, however, in an exception to the rule, Deadly car crashes have fallen by 50% in Bellingham after a two-year spike. In 2023, Bellingham had 200 fewer crashes than during the same time period in 2022 and is at a 10-year low. Four people died in car crashes in Bellingham last year, marking a significant decrease from the eight traffic deaths in 2022 and the nine in 2021. 

The Assistant Director of the Bellingham Public Work’s Department of Transportation Division is pleased with the data. He said that his department has been working hard on prioritizing the safety of people who walk or ride bikes in Bellingham. 

Bellingham’s low fatality and crash rates are an outlier compared to other Washington state cities. In 2022, Washington State hit a 20-year high of pedestrian and bicyclist deaths

How is Bellingham Reducing Automobile Collisions?

Bellingham’s investment in safety measures has successfully reduced car crashes and fatalities on the road.

Here is how Bellingham has prioritized road safety:

  • Bellingham has invested resources into monitoring cars and speed limits. This data could help them understand how to further reduce accidents.
  • Bellingham hired staff members to specifically focus on traffic safety.
  • They initiated a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan to keep those who are most vulnerable on the roads safe.

Road Safety Tips:

Many car accidents within Washington State occur because people are driving faster and there are bigger and heavier vehicles on the road. Larger vehicles are 45% deadlier to pedestrians. When driving, it is important to drive within the speed limit and be cognizant of other vehicles on the road. When you are a pedestrian on the road, make sure that you are extra cautious and obey the rules of the road. Being a cautious driver and pedestrian can help protect yourself and others. 

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