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Ferndale Woman Injured in Collision with Police Officer

Law enforcement is a crucial part of our society. Their jobs are dangerous and at times unforgiving. However, their actions can at times present very real danger to the public, especially in police chases. Under Washington law, police officers who are engaged in a chase of a suspect may ignore traffic laws but only if they drive with due regard for the safety others on the roadway.

Police officers must balance the need for catching the suspect versus the danger that engaging in the chase presents to innocent drivers and pedestrians. Police officers do not always follow their own policies and at times can be more focused on catching the bad guy than the harm that can result from a high speed chase.

If it is found that the officers failed to drive with due regard for the safety of others on the roadway the law enforcement agencies can be held accountable for their employee’s negligence.

Recently, a police officer drove through a red light in, resulting in a collision. Check out the story here:

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