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Fifth Lawsuit Filed After Fatal Biloxi Bus-Train Collision

Addition to previous blog post (March 13, 2017, Biloxi Bus-Train Crash):  Another lawsuit has been filed today claiming at least $10 million in damages.  Last week, in Biloxi, Mississippi, a bus came to a halt while crossing train tracks and was hit by an oncoming train killing four people and wounding 35 other passengers.  Mary Hall, a passenger on the bus that day, has filed the fifth lawsuit since the tragedy; she is suing Echo Transportation, the bus company, Diamond Tours, the tour company, and CSX Transportation, the train’s parent company.  The lawsuit asks “for no less than $10 million in damages for past and future pain and suffering, mental anguish, physical disfigurement and past and future medical expenses.”  Hall is suing the parties for negligence and gross negligence.

According to the lawsuit, Hall received extensive medical care after she was rushed to the emergency room.  The suit claims that the “results of this collision were horrific…this railroad crossing was well known as a dangerous crossing and had been the cause of many previous accidents.” 

This railroad crossing in particular is extremely dangerous because of the slope before and after the tracks.  With an elevation drop on each side of the crossing, sixteen crashes have occurred since 1976.  There is a warning sign before each side of the railroad crossing that reads “Low Ground Clearance.” 

Her suit claims that the driver of the bus was reckless for ignoring the warning sign.  In addition, the National Transportation Safety Board, has been investigating the crash and found that the driver of the rig went off the specified route, the suit claims that he was “taking them on a scenic route.”

Six people are still in the hospital receiving medical care.  Two of the four established lawsuits were filed by the families of Kenneth and Peggy Hoffman, the other two were filed by five surviving travelers.


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