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Longer Walk Signals Have Been Added Throughout Seattle to Decrease Automobile/Pedestrian Collisions

In a move to increase safety and lower the chance of pedestrians being hit by cars while crossing the street, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has updated their guidelines and extended the amount of time pedestrians are given at crosswalks. SDOT worked closely with a group of advisors on the change, including Disability Rights Washington, to make streets safer for older adults and those with disabilities.

Seniors oftentimes struggle crossing the road in time before the light changes, some of them voicing in the above article their concern, especially in busy urban streets and on four-lane streets. SDOT reported that “signals will be retimed with the updated formulas when existing intersections are modified, when community members request a change and when new signals are installed.” While this means longer red lights in some areas, drivers will also be given longer green lights to balance out the change. SDOT guidelines also discussed using a push-to-walk button versus automatic walk signals, concluding that that latter will be found more commonly throughout busy parts of the city at busier times in the day.

We are always glad to hear when the City of Seattle takes progressive steps to increase safety, and hope the new change shows a significant impact on lowering automobile collisions with pedestrians. Unfortunately, we understand that incidents like this still happen even with safety measures in place. If you or a loved one is involved in an automobile collision, whether you were a pedestrian or in a vehicle, contact us immediately for a free lawyer consultation. Our attorneys are here to help, and will get you the justice you deserve.

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