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Parental Involvement Reduces the Rate of Teenagers Involved in Motor Vehicle Accidents

An average of six teenagers die daily from motor vehicle injuries, and in 2013 alone just under a million teenage drivers were involved in police-reported crashes. 

Predictably one in four teenagers will be in a crash in their first six months of driving. One of the largest contributing factors to this alarmingly high crash rate is the distraction of other passengers. The addition of one non-family passenger to a teenagers’  car increases the crash rate by 44 percent. Nicole Morris, a principal researcher at the HumanFirst Laboratory at the University of Minnesota believes that passengers pose an even greater threat than cellphones. 

Be that as it may, cellphones are still a huge problem because they tempt a driver to take their eyes off the forward roadway. Dr. Klaurer of the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute states “anything more than two seconds is extremely dangerous. The longer you look away, the worse it gets.”

Alongside the newer advent of technology, the more traditional threats of drinking or driving at night are still prevalent dangers for any driver, especially teenagers. 

Many newer, more expensive cars come with advanced safety features that researches believe help eradicate the aforementioned threats. More than anything thought, strict and actively involved parental supervision greatly reduces the teenage crash rate. 

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