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Preventing Pedestrian vs. Vehicle Injuries in Seattle

The Stranger reported on December 9, 2019 that Mayor Jenny Durkan was taking immediate steps to try to make being a pedestrian in Seattle safer. She announced that arterial streets across the city will have their speed limits lowered to 25 mph, there will be emphasis patrols to monitor pedestrian safety at crosswalks, and crosswalk signals will be improved to give people more time to walk.  These are all great first steps.

Especially at this time of year, with the rain and dark morning and evening commutes, vehicle drivers have to be especially vigilant.  Slow down, and be particularly careful when turning at intersections to look for pedestrians.

If you are a pedestrian that gets struck by a vehicle, remember that in addition to having a liability claim against the driver, you will be allowed to use the vehicle owner’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policy to cover your medical bills and lost wages, if such coverage is available.  You may also use your own personal automobile PIP coverage, as either primary or secondary coverage, if available.  Insurance coverage issues can get complicated for pedestrian accidents, and a good attorney can help.

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