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Washington State Faces Climbing Death Toll From Traffic Accidents

A recent Seattle Times article paints a grim picture of traffic fatalities, with the state on track to see more deaths on its roadways this year than the 788 (at least) recorded last year. The article pays tribute to many of those who lost their lives in traffic accidents last year, and notes that the number of deaths in 2023 may climb, with Erica Stineman, a spokesperson with the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, relaying that the agency has 50 death certificates left to review, but can confidently predict that 2023 will surpass 800 fatalities. This would make 2023 the deadliest year Washington roadways have seen since 1990.

Collisions on the Rise

Recent trends have led to a nationwide problem concerning traffic fatalities, with an accident approximately every ten seconds. These trends include bigger, heavier vehicles with taller front ends, that are harder to stop, and often push pedestrians under the vehicle instead of crumpling them over the hood. Larger multi lane roads can encourage drivers to speed in areas where pedestrians and cyclists are present. 

Despite “Vision Zero” programs in many cities, fatalities are rising past the levels seen before industry-wide safety improvements like standard airbags, seat belts (and seatbelt laws), and developments in vehicle design like crumple zones.

Getting a Qualified Automobile Collision Injury Lawyer

Personal injury cases from an automobile accident injury can be complex, and it is important that you understand the variety of different liability and insurance coverage issues that may apply to your case. If you think that someone was at fault in causing a collision that you, a family member or friend were involved in, you should have the facts of your claim reviewed by a lawyer as soon as possible. 

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If you have been involved in an accident, please call or email our attorneys for a free consultation