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Young Man’s Tragic Death Fuels Debate Over Driver Screenings.

Pablo Sanchez was a passenger in a late night Uber vehicle that, only a few miles from its destination, turned into oncoming traffic and burst into flames, tragically ending the young man’s life. 

Now, amidst a lawsuit against Uber in the Miami-Dade Circuit Court, there is a debate over screening the drivers of ride-hailing companies, many of whom work several jobs and may be starting their shifts without the adequate rest required to drive safely. 

Because the pending police report has yet to be completed, the exact cause of the collision has not been determined. However, one thing is certain, says attorney Andrew Yaffa, who is representing Sanchez’s parents. “Somehow,” says Yaffa, “someway there needs to be safeguards that Uber is not putting people that are on the verge of falling asleep behind the wheel and responsible for our children.”

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