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Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 Fuselage Panel Blowout Boeing’s Fault, According to Whistleblower

Following the Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 fuselage panel blowout and the subsequent lawsuits levied against Alaska Airlines and Boeing, a whistleblower has claimed it to be the fault of Boeing and its quality control. The whistleblower posted his comments to an aviation website where he appeared to have access to Boeing’s manufacturing records for the work done in the assembly of the specific Alaska Airlines plane that experienced the fuselage panel blowout.

“The reason the door blew off is stated in black and white in Boeing’s own records,” the whistleblower stated. “It is also very, very stupid and speaks volumes about the quality culture at certain portions of the business.”

The whistleblower claimed that bolts intended to prevent the door plug from sliding off “were not installed when Boeing delivered the airplane.” the whistleblower wrote. “Our own records reflect this.”

The whistleblower claimed the work of the mechanics on the door plug wasn’t properly inspected and signed off by a Boeing quality inspector due to a process failure. This failure could be crucial in determining liability for the incident, and have a major impact on current and future lawsuits against Boeing or Alaska Airlines.

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