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Seattle Looks to Safer Intersection Design for Bicycles

The Seattle Times today reported on Seattle adopting Dutch-style intersection designs to help separate bicycle and pedestrian traffic from vehicle traffic.  The article notes that: “Among cyclist fatalities in urban areas in 2017, 43% occurred at intersections, according to an analysis by the National Association of City Transportation Officials. Of 15 bicyclist fatalities in King County from 2013 through 2017, nearly half were at or near intersections, according to data from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission.”  More and more residents of Seattle and other metropolitan areas around the Pacific Northwest are adopting bicycling as an economical and more environmentally friendly way to commute, and it is important that we make sure those residents are safe.  Read more in the article:

For vehicle drivers in Washington State, has a great set of 10 safety tips to make sure you as a vehicle driver know how to safely and appropriately share our streets with bicycle riders:

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