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Building Communities Together: Satori Summer Camp

GLP Attorneys is proud to support the Satori Summer Camp held annually at Eastern Washington University’s campus. Shareholder, Sara Maleki, Partner, RJ Ermola, and Marketing Specialist, Madeleine Edminster volunteer their time every year at Satori Summer Camp, leading and guiding over 130 gifted youth ages 12-19.

Satori Summer Camp was founded in 1983 by Dr. Bruce Mitchell and Mike Cantlon to create an opportunity for gifted students to interact with intellectual peers and engage in a variety of stimulating activities without grading or competition. The logo reflects the Japanese calligraphy symbol for “Satori” and means “Highest level of personal insight; enlightenment; an awakening.” Thank you to our Eastern Washington team for supporting this unique and inspiring organization!

If you would like to learn more about the camp or have a youth who would benefit from attending, please visit:

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