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Accident Prevention Programs: WAC 296-56-60009

The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries oversees worker safety in the state. To help address potential workplace hazards and ensure that there are preventative safety measures in place, businesses are required to have an accident prevention program. 

Washington Administrative Code 296-56-60009 discusses what accident prevention programs must include. As an employer, it is necessary to learn what work-safe plans you can put in place in order to keep your workers safe. As an employee, it is crucial to know what plans are in place, and that your employer is following the guidelines to protect you and your coworkers.

This blog will dissect WAC 296-56-60009 and the requirements for accident prevention programs that every workplace must have. 

What is an Accident Prevention Program?

An accident prevention program is required by the State of Washington for all workplaces. These programs ensure that there are proper safety measures that are tailored to your specific workplace and operations taking place. Part of the program requires 12-month documentation of inspections and meetings. These records must be made available on request to the Department of Labor and Industries.  

As part of the accident prevention programs, there must be employer and employee representatives who take part in consistent safety committee meetings. These meetings can bring insight into how to better tailor the accident prevention program and educate employees.

GLP Attorneys Supports Those Injured at Work

WAC 296-56-60009 helps to put a safety plan into action for organizations. Unfortunately, not all accidents are preventable. If you have been injured at your place of work it is recommended to seek out an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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