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Couple Struck by SUV While Changing Flat Tire Along I-5 – What You Should Know About Shoulder Safety

On March 22, 2021 in Bellingham, WA, a couple on the side of the road were struck while repairing a tire of their travel trailer as an SUV changing lanes veered onto the shoulder. The impact of the SUV caused the trailer to spin, knocking the man and woman both into a nearby ditch. While the collision wasn’t fatal, the woman was left with a severe concussion. 
After hearing news like this, we cannot stress the importance of shoulder safety enough. Spending time on the side of the highway should always be limited. The shoulder is a very dangerous place to be stopped at due to high volumes of traffic and high speeds. 
Here are some tips to follow to ensure safety on the highway:
  • If you can avoid pulling over on the shoulder, pull over on the nearest exit instead where there are slower speed limits, including for flat tires.
  • If you must pull over on the shoulder, pull over as far as possible to the curb away from the line. 
  • Always put on your hazards for increased visibility, and utilize any other means of lighting like flares to give drivers a heads up of your presence.
  • Always pull over on the right side of the highway as opposed to the left, where cars are moving at much higher speeds.
  • If a guard rail is present, get out of your car and wait on the other side of the rail.
  • Call for a tow truck immediately.
  • Keep up with your car’s maintenance to prevent having to pull over.
  • If you see a car pulled over on the shoulder, slow down and give them as much space as possible by moving over to the next lane away from them.
Automobile collisions can often be fatal or lead to severe injury, but they can also be prevented. Share the above tips and this article with your family and friends to help spread the word about shoulder safety. If you or a loved one is involved in an automobile collision, a trucking injury involving a semi-truck, or any kind of collision on the road, reach out to one of our experienced lawyers at GLP Attorneys today. We are here to help you and will fight to get you justice.

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