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Ensuring Worker Safety: Understanding WAC 296-155-360 for Power-Operated Hand Tools in Washington

Washington State prioritizes the safety of construction workers through robust regulations. One crucial law, WAC 296-155-360, mandates that construction companies guarantee the safe usage of power-operated hand tools, including electric and pneumatic tools.

Focus on WAC 296-155-360

WAC 296-155-360 outlines specific requirements for power-operated hand tools to safeguard workers during construction activities. Comprehending the details of this regulation is essential for both employers and employees.

Types of Power Tools Covered

  • Electric power-operated tools: These tools must either be of the approved double-insulated type or grounded according to Part I of the regulation.
  • Pneumatic power tools: Regulations ensure the secure connection of tools and hose sections to prevent accidental disconnection. Safety measures, such as clips on pneumatic impact tools, are mandated to prevent attachments from being unintentionally expelled.
  • Fuel-powered tools: Strict guidelines are in place for the refueling, servicing, and maintenance of fuel-powered tools, emphasizing safety during these critical activities.
  • Hydraulic power tools: The fluid used in hydraulic tools must be fire-resistant and meet specific safety standards to protect workers from potential hazards.

Specific Requirements for Pneumatic Tools

In the realm of pneumatic tools, WAC 296-155-360(c) specifically addresses safety measures for tools like nailers and staplers. These tools must have a safety device on the muzzle to prevent the ejection of fasteners unless the muzzle is in direct contact with the work surface. Exceptions exist for certain pneumatic nailers or staplers meeting specific criteria.

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