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Navigating Construction Sites: Washington’s Laws on Safe Ramps and Walkways

Washington has implemented stringent laws to prioritize the safety of construction workers, ensuring secure passage between different surface levels and across openings.

Ensuring Safe Means of Passage: WAC 296-56-60223

  • Ramp Requirements: Ramps must be strong, secured, and maintained to support imposed loads.
  • Guardrails (WAC 296-56-60123(3)) required if slope exceeds twenty degrees or if a fall of more than four feet is possible.
  • Slip-resistant surfaces and anchoring of temporary bridging devices are essential.

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Ensuring Compliance with Slope and Cleat Standards: WAC 296-874-20030

  • Slope Standards: Ramps and walkways should not exceed a slope steeper than one vertical in three horizontal (1:3 or twenty degrees).
  • Cleat Requirements: Cleats, securely fastened and spaced not more than fourteen inches apart, are necessary for slopes steeper than one vertical in eight horizontal (1:8).
  • Guardrail System Reference: For elevations of four feet or more, additional guardrail system requirements (Refer to specific chapters for general industry and construction activities).

Learn more about WAC 296-874-20030

GLP Attorneys: Advocates for Construction Worker Safety

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