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Navigating Worker Safety: A Deep Dive into Washington Law WAC 296-126-222

In the realm of construction safety, Washington State stands as a beacon with its comprehensive legal framework designed to protect the well-being of workers. One such vital regulation is WAC 296-126-222, a directive focused on ensuring the safety of workers, particularly concerning the lifting and carrying of heavy objects.

Understanding WAC 296-126-222: Safeguarding Workers from Excessive Lifting

WAC 296-126-222 mandates that:


6) No employee shall be required or permitted to lift or carry excessive weights.

  • Weight limits exceeding twenty pounds should not be a norm in an employee’s responsibilities.
  • Prospective employees must be informed of lifting duties during recruitment, initial employment, or reassignment to a lifting job.
  • Proper lifting techniques instruction, aligned with guidelines from the Department of Labor and Industries, should be provided to employees.
  • Assurance that adequate instruction in weight lifting techniques have been given as provided in (ii) shall be furnished to the committee or its authorized agent upon request.

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WAC 296-126-222 signifies the state’s commitment to the safety of construction workers. It goes beyond legal compliance, emphasizing transparency during employee recruitment and offering proper training in lifting techniques. This regulation not only prevents workplace injuries but also fosters an environment where workers can perform their duties without undue physical strain.

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