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Safeguarding Steps: Unraveling Washington Law WAC 296-155-10005 on Working Surfaces

Washington State upholds robust laws to protect the well-being of construction workers. WAC 296-155-10005 stands as a crucial directive, focusing on ensuring the safety of all surfaces where construction employees work or walk.

Understanding WAC 296-155-10005: Upholding Surface Safety

WAC 296-155-10005 outlines key directives, emphasizing:

  1. Structural Soundness: Employers must ensure that all surfaces on which employees will be working or walking are structurally sound and capable of supporting them safely.

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Safety Beyond Compliance: A Commitment to Worker Protection

WAC 296-155-10005 is not just a legal mandate; it’s a commitment to the safety of construction workers. By stipulating the importance of structurally sound surfaces, the law aims to prevent accidents and injuries related to unstable or unsafe work surfaces.

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