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The Washington State Insurance Commissioner as a Resource for Your Insurance Coverage Research

The Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner is a great resource for you as a consumer of multiple forms of insurance coverage, from automobile to life to health and even to pet insurance.  The website may be found at  Anytime you seek to purchase for the first time, or even to renew, any form of insurance, you should go to this website to do some research and get important information to allow you to shop for the best coverage suited to your needs.

One of the strengths of the Insurance Commissioner’s website can be found under the auto insurance section.  The Commissioner, in plain language, explains what automobile insurance is, what is covered, who sells it, and why you need it.  There are specific sections available on purchasing optional personal injury protection (PIP) insurance, explaining what happens after you get involved in an automobile accident, explaining what happens if your car gets totaled, and explaining your rights as well as the responsibilities of the insurance company when dealing with you in different types of automobile accidents. 

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the Insurance Commissioner developed a path for finding health insurance coverage under the new insurance exchanges.  The Commissioner’s website explains and helps you understand what health insurance is, how pre-existing conditions and waiting periods may affect you, and explains your options for purchasing insurance under the exchanges. Visit to learn more about buying health insurance in Washington State.  There you will be able to compare health plans, determine what subsidies you may qualify for when purchasing coverage, how to choose the right level of coverage depending on the costs, and then how to apply for that coverage. 

Other types of insurance that are discussed by the Insurance Commissioner’s website include homeowner’s insurance, life insurance, and Medicare.  Even things like annuities, boat and marine insurance, credit insurance, crop insurance, and travel and pet insurance are discussed by the Insurance Commissioner. 

Should you have any difficulties with a specific insurance company that you pay premiums to, you can even use the Insurance Commissioner’s website to file a complaint against that insurance company, and have the ability to log in and check the status of your complaint. 

The Insurance Commissioner’s Office also allows you to search insurance companies by name, research complaints against specific insurance companies, and check insurance company filings, annual statements and ratings.  This is an effective tool for you to use when shopping for insurance because you can check public records to see which insurance companies have the best track record with consumers like you throughout the State of Washington.  Make sure to get to know the Insurance Commissioner’s Office website, and use the tools and resources provided for the very important business of meeting your personal insurance needs. 

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