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Survivor Reveals Truth About Sinking of Alaska Ranger

On March, 23, 2008, the Alaska Ranger was fishing in the Bering Sea when it sank. Five of the Ranger’s 47 crew members died. Now, 10 years after the sinking of the Seattle-based factory trawler, a survivor has admitted to “limiting” his testimony as to why the sinking occurred. Two days before the tragedy, Rodney Lundy, assistant engineer and key witness, was unable to close an air vent on the starboard side of the vessel. He says his failure to seal the vent was what ultimately led to the flooding of the engine room and the ship sinking. Lundy testified twice under oath before the Coast Guard and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in 2008, but claims to have kept quiet about the problems he had trying to shut the vent per request of officials from Fishing Company of Alaska. On the 10th anniversary of the sinking, after a decade of guilt and regret, Lundy decided to come forward with the truth about what happened on the Bering Sea.


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