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Woman Secures Settlement of $11 Million After Workplace Injury at Port of Seattle

Alyah Payne, a former Sea-Tac employee, has secured an $11 million settlement from the Port of Seattle and construction company, Hensel Phelps after sustaining life-altering injuries in a crash involving two baggage tugs. 

The incident occurred as Payne, operating one of the baggage tugs, collided with another while both vehicles were heading in the same direction around a blind corner. It was a significant safety issue overlooked by the Port of Seattle and Hensel Phelps. 

“The facts of this case are such that Alyah was forced to go on a one-lane road and head in a direction against traffic that would be coming the other way,” attorney Ray Bishop told KING 5.

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Payne’s life-changing workplace injury could have been prevented with regular safety checks by the Port of Seattle and Hensel Phelps. As much as we hope no one has to go through the trauma of workplace injuries, unforeseen incidents do occur. Should you find yourself in such a situation, having the best legal team on your side is crucial. GLP Attorneys are dedicated to tirelessly advocating for you and securing the most favorable settlement possible. You can contact our team by calling 800-273-5005 or filling out our contact form here.

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