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Public Calls for Motorcycle Safety After Horrific Crash

On Saturday, March 16, 2024, two people were airlifted to the hospital after a horrific motor vehicle crash involving nine motorcycles and two passenger vehicles.    

This crash blocked traffic on State Route 18 for over four hours with three of the motorcyclists sustaining serious injuries. In the event of this accident, one driver’s vehicle rear-ended another car which ended up pushing the car into the motorcycle lane of traffic. 

A Trooper on the scene noted that this is the time of the year in which motorcyclists and cars need to be extra hypervigilant of each other on the road. 

This accident has brought to light safety precautions that motorcyclists need to be aware of. 

Motorcycle Safety

Chris Johnson, the founder of Washington Motorcycle Safety Training (WMST), commented that motorcyclists can prevent any incident from occurring. Johnson founded WMST to teach motorcyclist safety to the Washington community after losing five friends to motorcycling accidents. 

One of the key motorcycle safety takeaways is to always stay focused and aware of the bike, road, and surrounding cars. Staying aware and focused allows motorcyclists to anticipate other driver’s movements and allow for enough reaction time before an accident can occur. 

GLP Attorneys wishes for a safe and full recovery of all those involved in the accident.

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