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Abuse Allegations Tied to Nursing Home Death Leads to Federal Lawsuit

Another nursing home is facing a suit over a recent death.  A nursing home in Grand Blanc, Michigan, had a tenant die while staying and is now facing a federal lawsuit.  A state appointed investigation team, the Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service, specializes in looking into allegations of neglect and abuse against people suffering from disabilities.  The Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service (MPAS) has recently filed a lawsuit against the nursing home, Medilodge of Grand Blanc, after they received a gripe concerning a patient’s care.  According to the website, Medilodge of Grand Blanc is a chief supplier of “long-term skilled nursing care and short-term rehabilitation solutions.”

Last year, a male resident at Medilodge of Grand Blanc was found to be unresponsive.  He was then transferred to a local hospital. According to the lawsuit filed against Medilodge, he died the next day.  The resident was claimed to have neurological and physical disabilities; the lawsuit explains he did not receive adequate care while staying at Medilodge.

The suit explains that MPAS had probable cause to conduct an investigation “into the allegations of possible neglect or abuse at Medilodge.” MPAS has requested medical records to look more into the situation, they have claimed that Medilodge has yet to send them the documents.  Weeks later, they requested the medical records again and informed Medilodge that a lawsuit will be filed if uncooperative. 

Medilodge’s attorney, Andrew Rothman, responded to the requests asking for an additional week to provide the records concerning the case.  Since the original request for time, Rothman has continually needed more time.

The lawsuit filed by MPAS requests for the release of all medical records related to the death of the resident.  Medilodge of Grand Blanc has yet to respond to the lawsuit.


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