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New Hampshire nursing home faces wrongful death lawsuit

St. Joseph Hospital and a New Hampshire nursing home are being sued for the alleged wrongful death of an 87-year-old veteran who died five years ago after developing pneumonia.

Byam “Bing” Whitney Jr. of Nashua died in 2011 from sepsis caused by bedsores, according to court documents on file at Hillsborough County Superior Court in Nashua.

Whitney’s family filed a civil lawsuit against St. Joseph Hospital in Nashua and Kindred Healthcare, Inc. at Greenbriar Terrace in Nashua.

The nursing home was allegedly understaffed, and as a result of its negligence, Whitney suffered harm including “disfigurement, pressure sores, infection, conscious pain and suffering, and his death,” states the lawsuit.

Whitney was admitted to St. Joseph Hospital on March 20, 2011, with dehydration and pneumonia, reporting problems of shortness of breath and thick tan sputum, according to court records.

He remained at the hospital for one week where he developed three pressure sores on his buttocks and sacrum, says court documents. Whitney, who also suffered with dementia, was then transferred to Kindred’s Greenbriar facility for further rehabilitation and to return home.

He died on April 25, 2011, after being readmitted to St. Joseph Hospital with sepsis with metabolic encephalopathy.

The family is seeking compensation deemed appropriate by the court to compensate for Whitney’s personal injuries, medical bills, pain, suffering, death, attorney fees and lawsuit costs.

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