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Lawsuit alleges nursing home caused patient’s severe injuries

Lawyers for Hayward resident Mark Sandholdt claim Windsor Country Drive Care Center neglected their client and wrote a letter to his insurance provider that fraudulently stated he was refusing treatment. Because of that letter, the insurance company dropped its coverage, they added.

The lawsuit alleges elder abuse, financial abuse, negligence, and negligent hiring and supervision at the facility. Sandholdt, who turned 60 in late March, has been at home since March 11, when he was discharged from Windsor Country Drive Care Center. Without insurance, Sandholdt can only afford home health care once a week and his wife, Sheila Sandholdt, has to care for him the rest of the time, according to the statement.

The lawsuit claims the facility fabricated a story to cover up the misconduct and devised a plan to get rid of Sandholdt. After receiving the letter, Sandholdt’s insurance provider terminated his coverage and refused to continue paying for his residency at the facility.

Windsor Country Drive Care Center told Sandholdt that if he did not write a check for $40,000 he would be thrown out. Repeated threats caused Sandholdt “great anxiety and anguish,” the statement said. On March 9, the facility called Sheila Sandholdt and told her that if it did not receive $17,000 within two days her husband would need to leave, according to the statement.

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