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Fire Injuries

There are almost one million fires in the Pacific Northwest every year. Most of these fires are preventable and unfortunately, many result in not only property loss but catastrophic injuries and deaths. GLP Attorneys has extensive experience handling personal injury cases, including fire-related deaths and injuries. Our lawyers are here to support you through your case and ensure that you can adequately recover while securing a just outcome for you and your loved ones.

If you have been involved in a fire-related accident, please call or email our attorneys for a free consultation.

Understanding Fire Accidents​

Our firm handles a wide variety of fire-related accident cases, including:

  • Fire and Burn Injuries
  • Building and Home Fires
  • Wrongful Death from Fire
  • Fires Caused by Defective Products
  • Fire Accidents at Workplaces
  • Wildlife Fire Injuries and Damages
  • Automobile Fire Accidents

Fire Safety Responsibilities

Fires accidents typically occur due to negligence. It is the responsibility of the building owner, landlord, employer, and construction company to ensure that Washington State fire laws and safety regulations are followed.

GLP Attorneys has been helping clients provide the proper evidence and obtain compensation for their injuries for over 30 years. Anyone whose injury was caused by a fire should speak with a personal injury attorney immediately. In fire cases, time is of the essence as critical evidence must be gathered and obtained. 

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$1 Million

$1,000,000 settlement for a family that suffered a wrongful death mobile home fire.

$2.4 Million

$2,400,000 for the wrongful death of a child in a house fire.

If you have been involved in a fire-related accident, please call or email our attorneys for a free consultation

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