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Logging Accidents

Logging is a major industry in Washington State, and there are very specific laws and regulations that have been developed to make logging as safe as possible for workers. The Washington State Department of Natural Resources manages much of Washington’s timber harvest annually. 

If you have been involved in a logging accident, please call or email our attorneys for a free consultation.

Understanding Logging Accident Claims

When accidents occur, investigation usually reveals that someone failed to follow safety rules and regulations. Claims can be brought against any party acting in the capacity of a general contractor or against the State, depending on the facts of the case. GLP Attorneys has successfully handled several major logging accident injury cases, and we understand the complex issues surrounding both liability and insurance coverage for such cases.

Talk To Somebody About Your logging Accident

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If you have been injured as a result of a logging accident, you may be entitled to compensation and other benefits, including:

  • Medical expenses;
  • Permanent impairment benefits;
  • Vocational rehabilitation; and
  • Temporary disability.

Some of the most common causes of logging injuries and fatalities include:

  • Being struck by falling objects;
  • Equipment rollovers;
  • Equipment malfunctioning; and
  • Logging truck accidents.

Some of the most common injuries sustained in timbering include:

  • Broken bones;
  • Brain injuries
  • Lacerations; and
  • Loss of limb(s).

$2 Million

$2 million policy limit for a 42-year-old logger permanently injured when a co-worker cut a tree that fell and crushed him.

If you have been involved in a logging accident, please call or email our attorneys for a free consultation

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