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Jury Awards $13.1 Million to a Woman Who Fell on Seattle Sidewalk

53-year-old Mettler Auld, who fell on a Seattle sidewalk in the Queen Anne neighborhood in 2021, was recently awarded $13 million in a premises liability lawsuit. 

Before her accident, Mettler Auld worked as a professional fitness coach and competed in dozens of marathons and ultramarathons (long-distance races longer than 26.2 miles). When Auld fell on a dangerous stretch of sidewalk, she sustained life-altering injuries from the fall. Her quadriceps were severely damaged, and she required multiple surgeries to repair the damage. Even with the surgeries, however, she will never be able to run again, and she is still struggling to walk 34 months after the accident. 

The Seattle Times reported that the King County jury in the case found both the city of Seattle and the owners of an apartment building liable, and ordered them to pay Auld for the injuries she sustained, splitting responsibility for the accident between the two parties. Other Queen Anne residents have fallen on the same sidewalk, which was notorious for being covered in water and algae. It is the responsibility of the city and the property owners to properly maintain sidewalks and make sure there are no hazards to the public, especially once a safety risk becomes known. The city and the apartment building’s negligence in failing to rectify the sidewalk danger harmed their community. 

GLP Attorneys hopes that Auld is able to fully recover from her injuries, and we are glad that she received justice after her devastating accident. 

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