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Premises Liability at Hotels & Lodging Areas:  RCW 4.24.210

Staying at a hotel or lodging area can be a convenient way to travel. They can provide complimentary breakfasts, relaxing amenities, and tour services. 

While no one intends to get injured on vacation, unfortunately, incidents can occur. Someone can slip and fall due to improper signage at a hotel, have a pool injury, or even get food poisoning. 

When traveling, you are putting your trust in the hotel staff to ensure that you will not be injured and your safety won’t be compromised during travel. 

Washington State Legislature RCW 4.24.210 reviews the liability involved in injuries sustained in a public place of lodging. 

Accident Liability

If you have been injured and the place of lodging is a public recreational area, you may be entitled to compensation. RCW 4.24.210 examines accident liability for owners of land or water areas used for recreational activities. According to the code, owners have general liability protection. This means that landowners are not liable for unintentional injuries that may occur if people use their land. 

Landowners become liable for injuries if warning signs are not posted for artificial conditions, such as slips and falls which could have been prevented with proper signage. 

Hotels and private buildings must follow certain safety standards and ensure that their property is safe.

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