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Two Young Lives Lost in Latest E-Bike Fire

The New York Times reported today on the latest fire caused by a charging e-bike, which killed a 7-year-old boy and his 19-year-old sister in the apartment where they lived. The lithium-ion battery for the e-bike was being charged via an extension cord from the 2nd floor of the building when it exploded into flames. The fire quickly erupted through the front door, shot through the adjacent lobby, and swiftly claimed the upstairs floors. A total of six people were in the building. Four people managed to jump to safety with the assistance of their neighbors. The two young people who perished were initially heard and seen yelling from the top floor, then fell silent as the fire overtook them.

In New York City alone, this is the 59th fire attributed to an e-bike battery this year. There were 220 fires last year. Fire officials have repeatedly warned about the dangers of improperly storing and charging e-bikes, and New York city officials recently adopted new restrictions on them.

This tragic event is the latest in a series of fires related to e-bikes, scooters, and other mobility assistance vehicles causing serious burns, injuries, and deaths throughout the US. Washington State is no stranger to these types of fires – in fact, two Lime e-bike batteries caught fire back in 2019 in Seattle and its Ballard neighborhood. The Seattle fire was in the heart of the UW campus and captured on video.

In light of this concerning news, GLP Attorneys Shareholder and Trial Counsel Jonathan Yousling remarked: “The injuries and deaths from exploding e-bike batteries are senseless. This family lost two children due to the poor design and manufacturing of ion-lithium batteries. These deaths are preventable, and I will do whatever it takes to bring justice to anyone suffering from injury or loss of life due to these defective products.”

Washington State provides a system of rules, regulations, and laws to help protect consumers from defectively designed, produced, or manufactured products. Within this system, plaintiffs can hold manufacturers accountable for injuries caused by the use of dangerous or defective products that have been sold to the public. If you have been involved in an injury from the use of defective products, please call or email our attorneys for a free consultation at 1-800-273-5005 or

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