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Unregulated and unlicensed drug linked to serious and sometimes fatal car crashes.

Unregulated and unlicensed, the drug ‘Spice’ does not show up in standard drug testing and is linked to serious and sometimes fatal car crashes. 

A form of synthetic marijuana, the chemical compounds in spice are meant to mimic THC, the main active ingredient in marijuana. However, these toxic compounds lead to wildly unpredictable symptoms, ranging from anxiety to blackouts and even death. 

Dr. Alexander Garrard, clinical managing director of the Washington Poison Center  states “synthetic marijuana products are very dangerous drugs. We don’t know what’s in them, they’re not tested for safety or efficacy, and the effects are entirely unpredictable. Of all the abused drugs out on the market, synthetic marijuana scares me the most.”

The mass appeal of such an ambiguous drug lies in its easy accessibility. Spice can be purchased without an ID at a convenience store or online, and the buyer does not have to be 18. Even though Spice isn’t an epidemic in Washington State, largely because of the legalization of marijuana, the drug offers a mass appeal wot people whose jobs require regular drug testing. 

This dangerous and enigmatic drug is tied to violent car crashes. After smoking Spice, drivers black out and lose control of their vehicles, sometimes with fatal results. Also associated with drivers under the influence of Spice are reckless speeding and swerving. 

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