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Series: Journey To Justice

The Case of Gary Galstad

with James Gooding, Shareholder
and Sara Maleki, Shareholder

Gary Galstad was a diver working on an underwater bridge anchor project, when a heavy 8-foot-tall spool of anchor chain fell off of the pontoon and snagged his diving hose, yanking him violently backward, resulting in severe and lasting injuries. While surgery was successful in alleviating the pain and regaining mobility, the spinal cord stimulator implanted could not be submerged below 10 feet, ending Gary’s diving career. At the beginning of the case, the companies AUS and KGM offered no money. Fighting hard for Gary, Sara and Jim were able to win him a $2,850,000 dollar settlement from KGM and a $150,000 settlement from AUS.

The Case of Shari MacDonald

with Sean Ayres, Shareholder
and John Acken, Partner

On November 12, 2015, Shari, a 45-year-old woman with cerebral palsy and a developmental disability, was walking home when she was hit by a car due to low visibility and unsafe flooded roadway conditions. Shari’s injuries from the car accident were massive. She broke all four limbs, sustained fractures to her chest, and suffered other internal injuries. After nearly two years of litigation, summary judgment motions, extensive discovery, and filing a mediation, the case was resolved in a settlement with all parties for over $3,500,00. Sean and John also helped set up a special needs trust for Shari to financially plan her life. This greatly helped Shari and her mother set up a new life. 

The Case of Paul Silva

with Jonathan Yousling, Shareholder
and Sarah Fleming, Senior Associate

Paul Silva was struck by a commercial delivery van while crossing an intersection at a crosswalk in October of 2015. He suffered a traumatic brain injury with frontal lobe shearing, leaving him bedridden, unable to communicate, and unaware of his surroundings. The insurance company argued that Paul had darted out in front of the vehicle while suffering from alcoholic dementia, offering nothing for his injuries. After extensive medical reports and expert witness testimony, the GLP Attorneys team was able to secure insurance payments of $6,000,000 for Paul, allowing him to be transferred to a more comfortable living situation with a higher level of care.