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Family of toddler who died after dental visit files wrongful death lawsuit

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A family in Austin, TX had a two year old girl that, unfortunately, died after a trip to the dentist.  The parents were told that their daughter needed treatment for tooth decay and needed to be put under anesthesia.  Betty Squier, Daisy’s Mother, was eventually told there were more problems with her daughter’s teeth than originally reported; the office later claimed that Daisy had six cavities, instead of two.  A later forensic report, found the dentist’s decisions to be extremely questionable.  There was no trace of any form of dental decay or pathology seen on x-rays.  These x-rays were taken the same day Daisy passed away.

Daisy’s parents are now suing the dental practice along with the dentist and anesthesiologist in charge of the entire procedure.  In addition, another lawsuit was started against the Texas Anesthesiology Association for a total of $1 million.   The family claims that the loss of Daisy can only be attributed to the practice’s attempt to scheme Medicaid into more money. 

While the $1 million will never be enough for Daisy, hopefully medical thieves will take a step back and ask themselves “is the money worth the life.”


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