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Reviewing PPE Safety for Construction Sites Through WAC 296-54-511

Personal protective equipment (PPE) can prevent serious injuries from taking place on construction sites. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that their employees are wearing the proper equipment for their job. Washington State Legislature’s WAC 296-54-511 addresses personal protective equipment standards in the workplace. 

What is Personal Protective Equipment?

PPE can include a variety of protective gear from safety goggles to earring protective earmuffs. WAC 296-54-511 states that the protective equipment must be safely designed and constructed. All PPE has to be maintained in a sanitary and reliable condition to be adequate to meet potential workplace hazards including:

  • Hazards of processes
  • Hazard of environment
  • Chemical hazards
  • Radiological hazards
  • Mechanical irritants 

PPE used on a worksite must be able to block workplace hazards from entering the body through absorption, inhalation, and physical contact to prevent injuries. 

Personal Protective Equipment Regulations

Under the WAC 296-54-511 legislation, all PPE provided by an employee must be maintained properly. All PPE must be inspected before use at the start of each work shift. If the PPE is found to be damaged or unusable, the PPE needs to be replaced before the work starts. 

Personal protective equipment must be given to the employee at no cost, with the exception of logging boots

To maintain a safe work environment, it is necessary to be aware of the personal protective equipment regulations as both an employer and employee. 

Even when PPE is used properly, workplace injuries can still occur. When this happens, it is recommended to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer to discuss your case. 

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