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Trucking Safety: TIRES Program

Trucking accidents cause some of the worst injuries and can be preventable. In an effort to mitigate trucking injuries, Washington State has been working on the Trucking Injury Reduction Emphasis (TIRES) project.

Washington State has been doing research on trucking safety for the past decade. 

They found that most trucking accidents occur from:

  • Truck driver training
  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Negligent truck maintenance
  • Negligent hiring/supervision
  • Improperly maintained log books which show that the driver spent less time on the road than they actually had
  • Speeding.

What is TIRES?

TIRES is a research project created by the Safety & Health Assessment & Research for Prevention in Washington State’s Labor & Industries Department. 

TIRES research findings indicate that trucking incurs the highest workers’ compensation claim rates in Washington State. Their goal is to work with industry and labor groups to reduce injuries in the trucking industry. 

TIRES Project Research and Education

The TIRES Program is working on preventing trucking accidents through research and outreach to trucking companies. 

The project has developed accident prevention educational material for the following work activities which were prone to causing the majority of injuries:

  • Loading/unloading and handling material
  • Leaving the cab or trailer
  • Walking around the yard, terminal, or customer site
  • Tarping/strapping a load

TIRES Safety Program

TIRES works in collaboration with industry professionals, safety experts, and trucking companies to create personalized safety plans in an effort to prevent trucking accidents from happening. This is all done through a web tool which allows companies to create and update their safety plan based on their specific fleet of trucks, equipment, work areas, and needs. 

To learn more about creating a trucking safety plan, click here

GLP Attorneys support the safety policies being implemented to protect drivers from trucking accidents. However, even with safety plans in place, injuries and accidents can still occur. 

If you have been involved in a trucking accident or injury, we recommend that you speak to an experienced trucking injury attorney.

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