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Trucking Injuries

For obvious reasons, crashes caused by semi-truck drivers result in some of the worst vehicle-related injuries in America. The determination of fault in these car to truck accidents is more difficult than in a car accident case for many reasons. The truck driver’s insurance company and investigators will very quickly get to the scene of the crash and will document facts and gather evidence before the injured person even has a chance to get out of the hospital. Then the trucking company will get their lawyers involved very early on, and the lawyers defend the case aggressively.

If you have been involved in a trucking accident injury, please call or email our attorneys for a free consultation.

Understanding Trucking Injury Claims

Claims against a truck driver and the trucking company involve a variety of rules and regulations at the state and federal level that have been put in place to ensure safety and hold drivers accountable when they are negligent. This can be complicated by multiple layers of insurance and various insurance carriers.

Some of the laws that govern the use of trucks on our roadways are different than those that apply to the use of cars. Therefore, it is important that you hire an attorney who is familiar with these laws and understands the nuances of handling a truck accident case versus a car accident case. GLP Attorneys has a practice group dedicated solely to making sure that its attorneys are well-versed in the laws that govern truck operators and their owners.

Contact an Experienced Trucking Injury Attorney

GLP Attorneys’ truck accident injury attorneys have resolved a considerable number of trucking accident injury cases since our firm’s founding in 1986. If you have been involved in a trucking accident, call 800.273.5005 or email our attorneys at to schedule a free lawyer consultation.

The factors listed below can (and do) result in serious, preventable injuries on the roads every day:

  1. Truck driver training;
  2. Truck driver fatigue;
  3. Negligent truck maintenance;
  4. Negligent hiring/supervision;
  5. Improperly maintained log books which show that the driver spent less time on the road than they actually had;
  6. Speeding;
  7. Various layers of insurance coverage and multiple insurance carriers;
  8. Multiple negligent parties;
  9. Mechanical failure;
  10. Inclement conditions and failure to adjust for them;
  11. Trucks are the largest occupants on the highway;
  12. Human error;
  13. Neglect;
  14. Oversight; and
  15. Mechanical failure.

Click here to read more about Commercial Vehicle Driving tips from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

$11.3 Million

$11.3 million verdict from a Snohomish County, Washington jury for a husband and wife who sustained significant injuries involving PTSD and a pelvic fracture in a semi-truck versus car crash.

$1 Million

$1,000,000 settlement for a minor who was injured in a trucking collision.


$450,000 settlement for a woman who was struck by a semi tractor-trailer that ran a red light in the fog and resulted in cervical and lumbar fusion.

$1 Million

$1 million for the passenger of a semi-truck involved in a collision resulting in a serious arm degloving injury.


$750,000 for the victim of a trucking collision who sustained a traumatic brain injury. 

$1 Million

$1 million policy limits settlement for a truck passenger whose arm got crushed when the driver took a turn too fast, rolling the truck over onto the passenger side.

If you have been involved in a trucking injury, please call or email our attorneys for a free consultation.

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