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Bellingham: Semi-Truck Rolls Over on I-5

The Bellingham Herald reported yesterday that a commercial semi-truck rolled over on I-5 near Samish Way. The truck blocked northbound I-5 for over 6 hours as fire crews rushed to extinguish the resulting fire and clear the road of the truck and other debris. There is no word on the cause of the crash or the injuries sustained as a result. We will continue to monitor the aftermath of this accident.

Personal injury claims against truck drivers and trucking companies involve a variety of rules and regulations at the state and federal level that have been put in place to ensure safety and hold drivers accountable when they are negligent. This can be complicated by multiple layers of insurance and various insurance carriers.

Some of the laws that govern the use of trucks on our roadways are different than those that apply to the use of cars. Therefore, it is important that you hire an attorney who is familiar with these laws and understands that the nuances of handling truck accident cases versus car accident cases. GLP Attorneys has a practice group dedicated solely to making sure that its attorneys are well-versed in the laws that govern truck operators and their owners.

Heather Webb, GLP Attorneys Shareholder and Managing Shareholder for the firm’s North Washington offices, commented on news of the crash: “Being in a collision with a semi-truck is different than being in a collision in a private car. Semi-trucks have more responsibilities due to the size of the truck and the number of hours they spend on the road. Driving a semi-truck requires special skills and training that allow these large trucks to operate safely on a road. When training is not done right or the rules are not followed, it’s very dangerous for other drivers on the road. It’s very important that you hire an attorney with experience in semi-truck cases to help you with your claims. These cases are more complicated due to the special regulations that apply to semi-trucks and their drivers.”

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