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More Electric Scooters = More Reported Injuries and Death

The Seattle Times reported on June 9, 2019 that as more and more electric scooters hit streets across the country, more and more injuries and even death are being reported.  Many of us have started to see more electric bikes and soon will see scooters hitting the streets of Seattle and other urban centers of the Pacific Northwest.  Los Angeles and San Francisco have been dealing with the scooters, which are like a skateboard with a handle bar, that can go 15 miles per hour and are cheap to rent once a user downloads an app.  Most people renting these devices ignore the requirement to wear a helmet, and often don’t have experience riding such devices, and often ignore even basic rules of the road.

If you are a car driver, pay extra attention for e-bikes and scooters, particularly in downtown Seattle, Capitol Hill, Ballard, Lower Queen Anne and First Hill where they are most often seen.  If you are a rider of an e-bike or scooter, please wear a helmet, take it slow, and follow the rules of the road. Let’s have a safe summer, everyone – be careful!

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