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Product Liability

Washington State provides a system of rules, regulations, and laws to help protect consumers from defectively designed, produced, or manufactured products. Within this system, plaintiffs can hold manufacturers accountable for injuries resulting from the use of dangerous or defective products that have been sold to the public.

If you have been involved in an injury from the use of defective products, please call or email our attorneys for a free consultation.

I was injured by a product. What should I do now?

Holding companies and manufacturers accountable for the injuries caused by their defective products is a challenging and complex endeavor. If you think you have a potential product liability claim, follow these best practices to preserve any evidence that will help your legal team prove your case: 

  1. Take photos of the product or scene where the injury occurred;
  2. Take a timely video of the product or area where the injury occurred (if possible);
  3. Preserve and keep the product in a safe place;
  4. Request the data for your records if an item has an EDR (electronic data recorder) or similar system
  5. Talk to witnesses who saw the injury occur — and get written statements;
  6. Keep receipts, instruction booklets, and packaging whenever possible; and
  7. Call an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your claim.

GLP Attorneys has successfully represented individuals and their families who have sustained injuries from defective and unsafe products throughout our 36-year history. Our firm is committed to getting justice for our clients that have been injured in product liability cases. Further, we are dedicated to protecting people who could be harmed by those products in the future. 

Our product liability attorneys have decades of collective experience challenging corporations and manufacturers to do better for their customers and take responsibility for their mistakes. 

If you have a potential product liability case you would like to discuss, call our main office line at 800.273.5005 or email our attorneys at to schedule a free lawyer consultation.

The term “product” is an umbrella term that includes many types of goods and wares. Under Washington law, a product can be something that is used daily, such as consumable foods, clothing, shoes, or medicine. A product can also be part of a home or workspace, such as a computer, a television, or a printer. Vehicles used for daily transportation or recreation like boats, ATVs, or bicycles are also considered products.

In other words, products can range from something as simple as a hamburger or child’s toy to something as complicated as a sports car or computer.

There are four main categories of product liability claims:

  1. Design defects occur when a product has been designed with a flaw and is unsafe.
  2. Manufacturing defects occur when a product that has come off the production line with a flaw and is unsafe as a result.
  3. Warning defects occur when a product or its packaging does not give adequate warnings or instructions regarding safe use or risks of use, rendering the product unsafe.
  4. Breaches of warranty occur when manufacturers breach their promises or guarantees about the life or effectiveness of a product.

$5 Million

$5,000,000 settlement for a family that suffered a wrongful death in a product liability case.

$5 Million

$5,000,000 for a defective product resolution.


$325,000 for a childcare case for a minor client burned by a bottle warmer.  

$1 Million

$1 million result for a man who was seriously injured when he was buried under a heavy fishing net.

If you have been involved in an injury from the use of defective products, please call or email our attorneys for a free consultation

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