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Top Tips If You Are in a Car Collision

Imagine you are driving down I-5 at rush hour, and traffic ahead of you suddenly slows down and stops.  You slow and stop, and breath a sigh of relief that all is okay.  Seconds later your car is slammed into from behind by a driver that was distracted, driving too fast for conditions, and following too close.  You are stunned and not sure what just happened.  This is a story that just happened to one of our attorneys!  

It is important to know and remember some general tips to keep you safe in situations like this:

  • Safely move cars out of traffic.
  • Make sure you put your car in park and turn on your hazard lights (flashers).
  • Be careful if you get out of your car to talk to the other driver, and check for traffic or hazards before opening your car door.
  • Call 911 if you or others in the crash are injured or cars are not drivable.
  • Take photos of the damage to your car and the other driver’s car, and get the license plates in the photos.
  • Take a photo of the driver’s license and insurance card for the other driver(s), and get cell phone numbers for all parties involved.
  • If there are passengers in the other car(s), ask for names and cell phone numbers.
  • Carefully check to make sure brake lights and turn signals are still operational, and that your car is safe to drive before you leave the scene.  If you have doubts, call police and have a tow truck come to the scene.
  • Check traffic before you pull your car out to leave the scene.
  • If you develop pain or physical injury symptoms in the hours or days following the collision, call your doctor or report to urgent care for evaluation.
  • Call a qualified personal injury attorney with questions.

If you have been involved in an accident, please call or email our attorneys for a free consultation