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Safeguarding Heights: Washington’s Stance on Fall Protection (WAC 296-880-200 & WAC 296-880-20005)

Ensuring the safety of construction workers at elevated sites is a top priority in Washington State. Two key regulations, WAC 296-880-200 and WAC 296-880-20005, mandate additional fall protection measures when employees are working at heights of four feet or more.

WAC 296-880-200: Fall Protection at Four Feet or More

This regulation outlines the requirements for fall protection at heights of four feet or more unless otherwise specified in WAC 296-880-300. It emphasizes the importance of safeguarding employees exposed to fall hazards, promoting a safe working environment.

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WAC 296-880-20005: Implementing Fall Protection Systems

This regulation mandates employers to ensure the provision, installation, and implementation of fall arrest systems, fall restraint systems, or positioning device systems when workers are exposed to fall hazards at or above four feet. It specifies various fall protection systems, including guardrail systems, personal fall restraint systems, personal fall arrest systems, safety net systems, catch platforms, and warning line systems.

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