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Securing Heights: Navigating Washington’s Safety Standards for Elevated Work Platforms (WAC 296-880-30015)

In Washington State, stringent regulations are in place to prioritize the safety of construction workers. One pivotal legislation, WAC 296-880-30015, underscores the imperative for construction companies to furnish secure elevated work platforms for their workforce:

WAC 296-880-30015 – Elevating Work Platforms

  1. This comprehensive section is applicable to various types of elevating work platforms within the purview of chapter 296-869 WAC, Elevating Work Platforms:
    a)    Aerial lifts;
    b)   Manually propelled elevating work platforms featuring platforms unable to be fully positioned beyond the base;
    c)   Self-propelled elevating work platforms with platforms incapable of complete displacement beyond the base;
    d)   Boom-supported elevating work platforms encompassing platforms that can be wholly positioned beyond the base.
  2. Specific to vehicle-mounted aerial devices, this subsection mandates that, before elevating the platform, employers must ensure that all individuals on the platform are equipped with a full-body harness, securing a lanyard attached either to:
    a)   The manufacturer’s recommended attachment point; or
    b)   The boom or platform in cases where the manufacturer does not specify an attachment point. Under no circumstances should an employee fasten a lanyard to an adjacent pole, structure, or equipment.

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