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San Diego will pay $450K for dangerous road, police altercation

The San Diego City Council agreed to pay $450,000 to settle two personal injury claims – the injury claims included $375,000 to Garrett and Pam Slavin, a couple injured in a 2013 car crash in Kearny Mesa, and $75,000 to Jose and Elba Rios, a couple who say they were injured in their home in 2012 by police officers responding to a domestic disturbance.

The Slavins suffered significant injuries, including bone fractures, when a Nissan sport-utility vehicle crashed into them while they were riding together on a Harley Davidson motorcycle near Walmart on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard.

They claimed the city was partly responsible because the roadway in front of the store was not properly striped, prompting the SUV to hit them while turning into the parking lot.

The Rios couple claimed that police officers Bruce Porterfield and Laura Smith injured them inside their home. Jose Rios claimed Porterfield violently pushed him down on a cement walkway, punched him multiple times and slammed the back of his head into the pavement. Elba Rios claimed Smith pushed and grabbed her.

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