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COVID-19 Fears With Start of Seasonal Fishing in Alaska

The Seattle Times has reported that an employee of Seattle-based Trident Seafoods is the first person confirmed to be positive for COVID-19 in Dillingham, Alaska, a Bristol Bay community where there is fear that seasonal fishing industry workers could spread the disease to their region:

The National Fisherman reported on steps taken by the state of Alaska to set strict new rules  for Alaska fishermen and their vessels to protect against and prevent the spread of COVID-19 during the 2020 salmon season.  They report that effective April 24, 2020, Governor Mike Dunleavy provided 11 pages of mandates that specifically apply to those who have not “agreed to operate under a fleet-wide plan submitted by a company, association or entity” representing them.  Read more here:

If you want to read the text of Governor Dunleavy’s order regarding Alaska fishermen regarding steps to take to prevent the spread of COVID-19, visit:


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