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Maritime Safety Alert: Seattle Fisherman’s Memorial Board Offers Significant Rebates for Certain NPFVOA Vessel Safety Program Trainings


The Seattle Times recently reported that 13 mariners attended a survival skills training last week to prepare them in the event that they are forced to abandon ship while at sea. The training is part of the North Pacific Fishing Vessel Owners’ Association (NPFVOA) Vessel Safety Program and is approved by the US Coast Guard. Thanks to the Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial Board, some crews can get significant rebates on certain trainings.

Who can receive these trainings?

The NPFVOA program is offered to a variety of maritime industry workers, including:

  • Commercial fishing vessel crew
  • Commercial crabbing vessel crew
  • Research vessel crew
  • Passenger vessel crew
  • Crew on other kinds of work boats

What skills are taught in these trainings?

The Vessel Safety Program teaches attendees a variety of skills to assist them in ship abandonment situations, including:

  • How to deploy, board, and flip life rafts
  • Swimming techniques (such as creating a human chain)
  • How to properly put on and operate one-piece Neoprene immersion suits

Where can I sign up for one of these trainings?

To schedule a training for you and/or your crew, go to the NPFVOA website and choose a course you’d like to take. This organization offers a broad range of trainings beyond just in-the-water survival training on topics, including:

  • Shipboard damage control
  • Firefighting
  • Medical emergencies at sea
  • Collision avoidance
  • Fishing vessel stability
  • Marine weather
  • Shipyard competence
  • Watertight door and hatch training

Under what circumstances can I get a rebate for a training?

As part of its commitment to promote safer vessels, the Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial Board is making funds available to Washington-based commercial fishing vessel owners and their crew members, and fishermen who are Washington residents. Click here for more information on whether you and your crew may qualify for a rebate on these important safety trainings.

What should I do if I’ve already been injured at sea?

In the event that you or someone you know is injured on the job, it is important to contact an attorney immediately to ensure that the injured person’s rights are protected, that they are compensated for their injuries, and that justice is done. GLP Attorneys is home to a deep bench of skilled maritime lawyers with decades of experience advocating for wrongfully injured crab fishers, fishermen, longshoremen, oil rig workers, ferry workers, cruise ship workers, merchant mariners, and recreational boaters. To speak with one of our attorneys for a free legal consultation, call us at 206.448.1992 or email us at

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