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Uber Faces Lawsuit After Nurse Suffers Brain Damage in Miami Beach Crash

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In the third lawsuit against Uber in recent months in the south Florida county of Miami-Dade, a couple is filing suit against Uber after a driver caused a wreck that left both passengers seriously injured. 

In December, Dr. Richard Day and Jean Day hailed a ride in an Uber. Ingrid Parra, the Uber driver, failed to yield to oncoming traffic and crashed into another car immediately after turning into traffic. 

Dr. Day broke his leg in the crash, while Mrs. Day suffered massive brain damage and has undergone several subsequent surgeries. It’s unlikely that Mrs. Day will ever be able to return to work and she must wear a protective helmet. 

The suit alleges Uber failed to realize that the driver “was not qualified, had not received sufficient training and was not being supervised” properly. 

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